Accommodation, but not only …


We are open for you 365 days a year!

We offer:
  1. One, two, three … weeks’ rest
  2. Lifestyle bed & breakfast
  3. Weekend Packages

Especially for you, we can prepare culinary attractions in the form of breakfasts and dinners.

We guarantee space and freedom. Be sure to enjoy the benefits of the garden: aromatic herbs, strawberries and red currants straight from the bush – they are at arm’s reach here.

On hot days, take a nap in the shade, in a hammock!
If the sun should not appear, you will not be bored. We will help you organize your time. That’s right, we can’t ensure the weather, unfortunately. However, you can try for good weather yourself, “upstairs” – you can do so here, in the grove with a chapel.

You want to eat breakfast in the garden, on the grass? Great idea, feel free!

Take your time and feel the nature in the morning, listening to the birdsongs and sounds of the sea. Prepare breakfast yourself, or order it from your hosts!

Especially for your order, we will prepare a delicious breakfast based on seasonal products, herbs from the garden and fresh rural eggs. Served in the garden, it charms with simplicity, freshness, originality of flavors and aromas.
Do not forget about drinking aromatic coffee, fruit cocktails or a cup of refreshing herbs from the garden “on the grass”.

All mixed with singing birds …
And in the distance you can hear the sound of the sea …