About us

Allow yourself some peace.

Here, you will find what you need to rest well.

A peaceful space (spokoj) and good things (dobro) – you can certainly expect this when staying at our atmospheric „plaid home“.

It could have become another seasonal building with rooms for rent. But that did not happen … We decided to take another path and make our home!

Wattle and daub, shutters and clay plaster rooms are just some of the elements that affect the unique atmosphere and the original character of the house, situated only 85 meters from the wide, sandy beach in Gąski.

It is a place created with passion, consistency and love, both thinking about those looking for peace and a moment to breathe in away from the hustle and bustle of the city, as well as those who want to enjoy the freedom, freshness and joy of communing with nature.

All this is takes on a whole different meaning surrounded by a well-composed, ecological architecture …

From here, you reach the charming dunes covered with sea buckthorn and sea holly by walking or cycling along beach and meadow roads. To the charming corners of nature in the Natura 2000 protected zone.